We do not need a US Pravda!

The Real Case for Defunding NPR


My quarrel with government subsidies to NPR—via grants from the federally funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting—is that they cast a chill over the markets in which private entrepreneurs seek to raise capital for what might be called highbrow journalism.


It's been nearly two generations now since President Lyndon Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. It's not clear to me, incidentally, what constitutionally enumerated power Congress was relying on to pass such an act


[There is a] school of economics known as public choice theory, which views the government as having its own economic interests and the state as not a protector but a competitor of private enterprise.

  • In my mind it is simple. Why have the government do what the private sector already does efficiently!
  • Secondly, where is the true journalistic integrity of a news source partially funded by the government? Think of the old USSR and Pravda
  • It's difficult for private industry to complete against the 800 lb monopolistic Gorilla of the US Government. This has impact in many areas:
  • There is a Defund the NPR Facebook page for those interested

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