Wells Fargo on "robo-signing"

On the Call: Wells Fargo CFO Howard Atkins


QUESTION: There have been a couple of instances detailed in the press of Wells Fargo robo-signing. And there is a great deal of speculation that at some point you guys are going to cave and we are going to find out all this bad stuff about your foreclosure procedures. Could you just comment on that?

RESPONSE: Yes, you might be talking about the one that was in the press regarding Washington State. In that case the judge actually found in our favor and that we had done things properly. I don't know how other companies do it, but in our company the affidavit signer and reviewer are the same team member. .... And if we find an error we will fix it. ... Humans do make errors, but that is what our process is. One reviewer, one signer, same person.

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