Proposed DIAPER Act - Rush: "I'm not pooping you"

U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro proposed offering free diapers in day cares


DeLauro (D-3rd District) proposed an economic recovery bill that proposes that the federal government distribute free diapers through daycare centers. It's called the Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act -- or DIAPER Act. She cited the cost of diapers, $100 per month, as too much for some families.

“No family should have to choose between buying diapers for their child or buying groceries—but that is exactly what is happening today," wrote in a recent news release.

Limbaugh brought the bill up on his show last week, and said, "I'm not pooping you," and "Here's the story. I kid you not."

"(M)y generation did not go to daycare, and we wore cloth diapers that were washed and reused. But I mean this is taking indoctrination to steps I never dreamed of. Indoctrinate babies early and often in daycare, and you get 'em in daycare by promising free diapers."

Comment: Fill the landfills!


  1. I would imagine those who have to choose between food and diapers are already on some form of welfare. One thing I have learned recently is, at least in MN, you cannot use food stamps to purchase diapers or any paper product. So, it really is not a choice between food and diapers.

    My sister uses cloth diapers, and absolutely loves them. They are super cheap.

  2. Don't we subsidize daycare enough as is? Our next door neighbor does it as a business, and one of the chief problems she had during the shutdown is that her regular clients couldn't afford to come.

    It's worth noting as well that daycare subsidies, especially at the federal level, go into the middle class, too. I think my family would qualify--though Connie would need to get a job far better than mine for us to even break even if we put our kids in daycare. :^)

  3. JP: More on: Senate Dem seeks federal funding for diapers

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Tuesday introduced legislation that would allow federal block grants that states now use to subsidize child-care services to also allow for the purchase of diapers and "diapering supplies."

    The bill, S. 1778, would amend the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 to allow diapers and related supplies to be bought with grant money provided to states


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