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Occupy Highlights


The vision for OWS has crystallized, synthesized, and otherwise materialized. In a nutshell, the participants are angry. At everything (but especially Wall Street).

And so if flows that they should set up camp in public parks, beat drums, create mounds of stinking garbage, smoke pot in public, scream at people who make money, break the law, ridicule Jews, demand we abolish the military, and just about everything else under the sun.

Comment: "a collection of videos and photos that depict a cross section of the OWS useful idiot". Perhaps there are Zombies! Just one video (above) posted. One more ... "Pay my college tuition"

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  1. I responded on a guy's G+ post about this stuff. I had said if OWS wants to actually make a change, they need to unite around a specific issue. As it is right now, I don't think it will actually last that much longer. It seems, as this guy said, people are sending in their Christmas lists. They really have no understanding of economics and how things work.

    It is a bit ironic, if you think about it. They want to tax businesses more and at the same time have them give them things for free.

    I have a proposal, fine everyone who doesn't vote at elections. As my Dad always said, you cannot complain unless you vote.


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