Lake Superior trip - Day 1 (October 1st)

We left Plymouth on Saturday morning October 1st and drove to Grand Marais, Minnesota. I was least interested in this day because of I-35 which is so boring to me. But we did exit I-35 just past Sandstone and followed Minnesota State Highway 61 into Duluth. We exited 35 because of a giant traffic backup that brought the interstate to a standstill. I did a U-turn and drove back to the previous exit and we continued on 61.


Other comments: We endeavored to read one Psalm a day. We began with Psalm 111 and finished with Psalm 118. Among other things (the serious prayer requests!), Kathee prayed that she would see a moose. Stay tuned! Money: I brought along $ 110. Canadian. We only intended to use this for meals. It went really fast! Things are expensive in the way North

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