Lake Superior trip - Day 2 (October 2nd)

Start: Grand Marais MN
End: Marathon, Ontario
Mileage: 265

  • Wish we would have had breakfast at Grand Marais. This was Kathee's preference but I wanted to get on the road. I had this idea of eating breakfast in Canada (eggs and Canadian bacon - also known as peameal.). By the time we got past the border it was past 10. We stopped at a place called Robin's. Had we driven just a little further along to Thunder Bay we would have had better choices.
  • Gas: We gassed up at Grand Portage, MN. This proved to be wise as gasoline in Canada is very expensive. Our next gas stop was at Marathon and it was $ 1.39 per liter Canadian!
  • Just past Thunder Bay we stopped at the Terry Fox Memorial and Lookout. We discovered that our camera battery was dead. No camera until we bought a new one in Sault Saint Marie Ontario. While we did not take photos - here are photos others have taken.
  • We stopped at Ouimet Canyon park just past Thunder Bay. There is a difficult walk down to the canyon overlook. I did not make it all the way - for me just to the suspension bridge - but Kathee was blessed by the view.
  • Next stop Marathon. Spectacular lake views all along the trip. Two moose crossed the highway a hundred yards ahead of us. Kathee was thrilled.
  • Driving in Canada: Speed limits are in KPM (Kilometres per hour). 100 kmp is approximately 62 miles per hour. The maximum speed limit was 90 kph or approx 55 mph. Our Buick has a setting that converts the instrument stack to metric - very handy!
  • Marathon has a very remote feel to it. We stayed at a Travelodge. This was the least nice of all of our accommodations. We had dinner and breakfast in town at a restaurant called Zero 100 Motor Inn. The food and service was excellent.
  • On Monday morning we filled up in Marathon. There is virtually nothing between Marathon and Sault Saint Marie so it was a wise choice. Gasoline was $ 1.39 per liter Canadian (approx $ 5.56 a gallon).  Credit card use in Canada: There is a 3% foreign exchange fee. (image from my Chase bill below)

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