The Dreamliner

The 787 takes flight, and lives up to its promise


ABOARD ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS FLIGHT 7871 (AP) -- It's the plane that is supposed to change the experience of flying.

No more stuffy noses, dry throats or severe fatigue. Larger windows to provide a stronger connection to the world outside. And mood lighting that can either ease jet lag or turn the plane into a nightclub at 40,000 feet.

And for the most part, Boeing's 787 succeeds. Flying it is more enjoyable. But it's still flying. Just because the plane is new doesn't mean the food will taste better or you won't be stuck in front of a kicking kid.

There has been plenty of hype surrounding the 787, a long-range plane marketed as The Dreamliner that carried its first passengers Wednesday on a four-hour flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong. It has been called "revolutionary" and "a game-changer."

And, indeed, a sleek design makes the plane stand out the moment you step on board. A higher ceiling -- at least the perception of one -- reduces claustrophobia. And natural light pours in, creating a welcoming feeling.

Maybe that 10-hour flight won't be so bad after all. Maybe.

Comment: Not sure why Boeing can make money but the airlines cannot (eg American). A broken business model I guess. (One of my investments is in BA)


  1. I don't know that any plane would make a ten hour flight comfortable....at least without providing some serious space for stretching one's legs!

  2. More from the WSJ

    Boeing Co. reported a 31% increase in third-quarter profit, sharply exceeding Wall Street forecasts, as it delivered more commercial airliners and boosted operating margins.


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