Lake Superior trip - Day 5 (October 5th)

Approximate Route


  • Start: Hotel in Sault Sainte Marie Ontario (we had a good breakfast there before we left)
  • End: Cooper Harbor MI
  • Approx. Distance: 350 miles. We hugged the coastline whenever we could. It was a long day of traveling. We arrived at Cooper Harbor at about 8:00 p.m.
  • See border crossing post from yesterday. We joked on the way up to the crossing that we would answer all the questions in German. "Are you citizens?" ... "Ja!". "Did you bring any alcohol, tobacco or firearms with you?" ... "Nein!". "How was your stay in Canada?" ... "exzellent!". But we played it straight!
  • Just after the crossing we stopped at a Michigan tourist center. This was very helpful as the guide provided detailed maps for our coast-hugging tour.
  • We visited the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, located at Whitefish Point . Worthwhile. There's a lot to see here but we only went through the museum proper. Minor pet peave: I asked the girl at the pay station where the men's room was and she said "the gift shop". OK ... where is the gift shop? She signals me. I walk over the the gift shop ... up the handicapped ramp to the main door. There is a sign there that points around to the other side of the gift shop ... down stairs to the men's room. I wish she would have been just a little clearer ... would have saved me many steps. (Sometimes younger people are clueless about the needs of handicapped people!). We saw perhaps 1/5 or less what there is to see here. But this was going to be a long day and we just did not have time
  • Our Canadian $$ was gone and we had just $ 23 American. We found a little fish house called Buddy B's. Did not accept credit cards but we were able to get a nice lunch for two for $ 20 and some change. I left the entire $ 23 so there as a nice tip. We left with no money at all. Time to find a Wells Fargo
  • We drove through the cute little town of Newberry Michigan. A friend of mine (now with Christ) used to Pastor the Baptist church there. When he left I hoped to be a candidate there but they did not ask me.
  • On to Marquette Michigan. This a beautiful college town. We visited the main lobby of the historic Wells Fargo main branch. Very nice interior. Picked up $ 80
  • We began to realize that this was going to be a long day. No time to dawdle.
  • Onto Houghton Michigan and then onto Copper Harbor
  • We checked into a very nice lodge - the Mariner North. Excellent room. We had dinner (it was now past 8:00 p.m.) at the bar/restaurant there.

Final comment: I should have bought gas in Hougton .... near empty and the only gas station in Copper Harbor only takes cash ... and it was nearly $ 4 per gallon.

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