Crossing the Border

We are not world travelers. We've been to Mexico several times and Canada multiple times. In recent years one needs a passport to cross the border.

Our crossing into Canada on Sunday: Kathee was driving. I was in the passenger seat. We both had sunglasses on. At the boarder: Kathee presented our passports. We were asked to remove our sunglasses. Questions:

  • Are you carrying any tobacco? Firearms? Alcohol?
    Where are you going? How long?
It was quick and professional and we were through. More information on the Thunder Bay crossing here. Our crossing to the United States on Wednesday October 5th:
  • The crossing is at the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge
  • The line was long. I began to wonder ... perhaps I should have had a bathroom break at a gas station before we drove across the bridge!
  • The set up is elaborate. When one's car is at the front of the line, there is a traffic light that signals to proceed. When the light is green, the driver is to move forward and then stop. There are multiple cameras and sensors at each corner of the car.
  • Finally at the border guard, the questions as I recollect were basically the same. It is quick, humorless and professional.

First stop after crossing: A visitor's bureau at the immediate exit. Very helpful guide there to provide maps for our next leg of the tour .... nice restroom ... and then we filled up our car with gas with the less expensive US gasoline.

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