Hail storm - 9 months later

Above: Lamp with finish knocked to bare aluminum by by hailstone.

Nine Months ago: Hail storm - 5/31/2008

Finally after nine months, this project has been closed out. We had our roof replaced, 11 windows replaces, 3 lamps (across the front of the house) replaced, siding on 2 sides replaced and gutters replaced. Additionally we had 2 posts repainted on the front of the house.

Yesterday I received the final check from Allstate and today paid the project off. I still have funds in restricted escrow at US Bank but all the paperwork is in place to have that check sent to me next week.

We did a nice upgrade: we had a window installed in our garage (on the N side where siding had to be replaced).

Today was a day of calling the contractor, calling US Bank, conferencing the two, faxes received, documents signed, faxes sent. Additionally there were faxes sent that went into a black hole (lost), follow up calls, confirmations that that faxes had been sent, faxes resent, etc.

Kathee still has hail stones in a baggy in our freezer. It's amazing what golf-ball sized hail can do!

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