Has the "Tylenol killer" been caught?

FBI Searches Home Of Man Linked To Tylenol Deaths


The FBI is searching the Cambridge home of a man linked to the deadly 1982 Tylenol tampering scare in Chicago.

FBI officials confirmed to WBZ they are at an apartment complex called the Pavilion on Gore Street in Cambridge, but would not say why. Authorities would not confirm the search in Cambridge was linked to the Tylenol investigation.

Witnesses tell WBZ Radio that FBI agents spent several hours removing boxes from an apartment where James Lewis and his wife Leann lived shortly after James' release from prison in 1995. Lewis served more than 12 years for sending an extortion note to Johnson & Johnson during the Tylenol scare. In the note, Lewis demanded $1 million to "stop the killing."

Lewis is listed as a partner in a Web design and programming company called Cyberlewis. On its Web site, which lists the location searched Wednesday as the company's address, there is a tab labeled "Tylenol" with a written message and audio link in which a voice refers to himself as "Tylenol Man."

Comment: This was hot news back in 1982. More on this here. This crime lead to tamper-evident safety-seals to bottles and other packaging.

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