Vista top tech "Fiasco"

Microsoft Vista voted tech world's top "Fiasco"


It's official, Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system gets the prize for being the most over-hyped, under-performing information and communication technology (ICT) project. Windows Vista garnered 5,222 of 6,043 votes (86 percent) entered via the Web to snag top honors

Comment: From the first time I saw Vista demonstrated (by a Microsoft marketing guy) - I was underwhelmed; through engineering and pilot; through pre-production; and our first production image ... A FIASCO! Now off the table ... Windows 7 on the horizon!

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  1. I'm not a "Windows-only" guy, but I hope for the computing world in general that Windows 7 is a vast improvement. Hopefully Vista can be relegated to the trash heap much like WindowsME, with a huge improvement soon after (like Windows 2000/XP was).


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