Straight talk on college loans

Some Debt-Laden Graduates Wonder Why They Bothered With College

Comment: Good read. A lot to think about before borrowing heavily for college.

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  1. My personal take on college is this. Do not go into college thinking the degree you get will get you a job in that career. I cannot think of one person I work with in my IT dept that has a degree in IT. Those that have degrees, have them in many different areas. After going to a few graduations this past year and hearing some of the most ridiculous degrees you can get, it is no wonder some of them graduate with 75k debt and land a 10$/hour job. Honestly, colleges need to go back to the basics and start pushing traditional type degrees.
    Since graduating in 2006, I have interviewed probably 12-15 times (professional interviews). In all my interviews I was asked, where my college was, and my degree. In only one interview was I asked anything else about my college degree, and I think they asked if it was accredited. The bulk of my interview time was dealing with what I knew and what I was doing.
    Basically, what I am saying is, I believe a college education is a good thing, but do not limit your first job opportunities to your specific degree. Be flexible to take a low-paying job doing something that you do not want to do, something that is not related to your degree. Then when the time is right, once you have a year or two under your belt, look into the opportunity to transition to a new job in your company or a different one. That, I believe, is far more valuable on your resume than a degree. But if you have a degree, it will put you above those that do not.


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