Astronaut wisdom on global warming

Former astronaut speaks out on global warming


... the 74-year-old geologist argued that the "global warming scare is being used as a political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision making."

Williams said Heartland is skeptical about the crisis that people are proclaiming in global warming.

"Not that the planet hasn’t warmed. We know it has or we’d all still be in the Ice Age," he said. "But it has not reached a crisis proportion and, even among us skeptics, there’s disagreement about how much man has been responsible for that warming."

Schmitt said historical documents indicate average temperatures have risen by 1 degree per century since around 1400 A.D., and the rise in carbon dioxide is because of the temperature rise.

Comment: Graphic from the NOAA: here.

Meanwhile: Hamburgers are the Hummers of food in global warming

Simply switching from steak to salad could cut as much carbon as leaving the car at home a couple days a week.


  1. On the subject of global warming, I ordered the Answers in Genesis film "Global Warming - A Scientific and Biblical Expose of Climate Change" last fall to donate to our school. Our cell group that meets on Sunday evenings also watched it - it was well done and informative.

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