Kryptonite for a quarterback

No Tears This Time, Favre Says So Long


Favre repeatedly said his torn right biceps tendon, which he refers to as a shoulder injury, provided the final push toward retirement, acting as kryptonite for a quarterback who started every regular-season game since early in the 1992 season.

As far back as training camp, Favre occasionally felt symptoms similar to those he felt after he tore his left biceps tendon a few years ago. After the Jets played at San Francisco on Dec. 7, Favre received a cortisone shot to alleviate the pain. It helped, but only briefly, and in Seattle two weeks later, Favre underthrew several open receivers running seam routes. If he felt fine physically, Favre said, he would have considered playing next season.

“I got my answer as the season progressed,” Favre said. “I finally can’t throw the ball like I once threw it.”

Comment: What a tribute - "started every regular-season game since early in the 1992 season". I'll miss him!

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