Vikings: Out of touch with reality

Vikings VP Lester Bagley blasted Gov. Tim Pawlenty over the lack of progress on building a new venue.


Lester Bagley, the team's vice president of public affairs and stadium development, provided biting remarks Wednesday about the lack of engagement from Gov. Tim Pawlenty and intimated the clock could be ticking on the Vikings' time in Minnesota if something doesn't happen in the current legislative session.

"With all due respect, he's been governor for six years, and he hasn't done anything," Bagley said of Pawlenty. "He hasn't lifted a finger to engage in a problem-solving discussion to help us on our issue. And that's the frustration that the NFL feels, that our ownership feels and a lot of our allies [feel], whether they be elected officials or not. There's a lot of frustration, and there's been no meaningful engagement by the executive branch."

Bagley's remarks came as he provided an update on the team's hope to get public funding for a multipurpose, retractable-roof venue that would be built on the site of the Metrodome. Although a final cost analysis isn't finished, the Vikings are expected to ask for about $700 million in public funding for a $954 million stadium. Their lease at the Metrodome expires after the 2011 season.

The state's economic woes -- Pawlenty said Wednesday he expects Minnesota's projected deficit to be as high as $7 billion when the next economic forecast is released in March -- factor in, but Bagley pointed out the team brought this issue to the attention of politicians long before the country's financial troubles began.

Comment: As far as I am concerned they can pack up and move to Vegas.

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  1. That must be why he is PR and not Finance for the team. Perhaps the reason nothing was done years ago was someone was actually thinking ahead and saw this whole mess coming.
    I think it is absurd for someone to even think about asking 700mil while our country is in this mess. Especially something that really doesn't stimulate our economy. Sure, there are businesses that profit from the games, but honestly, 700mil could be spent better than this.


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