We watched "Expelled" today

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Kathee and I watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed today and I wanted to post some brief comments:

What is is not:

  1. It does not promote Biblical creationism or
  2. A "young earth" view of creation
  3. It is not a Christian film

It's value:

  1. It exposes the holes in Darwin's hypothesis.
  2. Ben Stein exposes the academic bias against scientists who believe in Intelligent Design.
  3. It explains that the above is a "free speech" issue.
  4. It explains the incredible complexity of a single cell.
  5. It exposes the presuppositional worldview of evolutionists and how true evolutionism is atheistic
  6. It exposes the hostility of mainstream science against Christianity. People who believe in creation are called "insane" and "stupid".
  7. It demonstrates cabal of science and the mainstream media in the promulgation of evolutionism.
  8. It shows the link between evolutionism and the death industry (Planned Parenthood, etc)
  9. It shows the link between evolutionary thought and the murderous engine of Nazi Germany

What did we think? First our own view: We are Biblical creationists (young earth (don't ask me how young as I don't know) creationists. We found it very valuable. There was nothing really new but it was nicely assembled and well presented. One highlight was the extraction (by Ben Stein) of the shocking conclusion about the origin of life held by Richard Dawkins. What that is, in my view, a giant leap of faith: "Popular author and atheist Richard Dawkins tells Ben Stein in this film that there could have been a designer of life on earth, but it would have had to have been “a higher intelligence” that had itself evolved “to a very high level . . . and seeded some form of life on this planet.”" Quoted from Myths about 'Expelled'.

The appropriate audience for this film would be High School students and above. We highly recommend it.

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  1. My wife and I watched it a few months back. We had about the same comments. I would love to watch the raw footage of him and Richard Dawkins.


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