Team logo of the "Vegas Vikings"

Despite the deficit, the team is still lobbying the Legislature, stressing that their Dome lease is up in 2011


Even as legislators grapple with numbing economic news and most discussions at the State Capitol involve budget deficits, proponents of a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings have been quietly trying to rally interest in the project.

Over the past two weeks, labor leaders and the Vikings have met privately with legislative leaders, and while the odds of a publicly subsidized stadium proposal advancing this year remain long, the idea is showing some signs of life.

After a Vikings official publicly criticized Gov. Tim Pawlenty for not showing enough leadership on a new stadium, Pawlenty met with owner Zygi Wilf late last week and a team official said the Vikings were "pleased" with the outcome.

Comment: Please, please, please DO NOT TAX US anymore for stadiums. Let the Vikes move to Vegas!


  1. I was thinking a picture of some poor norseman in the desert thirsting to death with a sign "help me get back to Oslo"......

  2. As I stated earlier, this is quite ridiculous. It is as if they do not realize our country is in an economic hard time. You guys are broke and losing jobs, lets tax you more. It just doesn't make sense.


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