Saturday happenings

We are having our first snow today and it looks to be substantial.

Kathee shopped early today so as to be home before the snow commenced.

I gave blood today and got the "double poke". The nurse either put the needle through or nicked the side of the vein of my left arm. Blood began to slowly flow but there was immediate subcutaneous pooling of blood (bruising). I got really uncomfortable at this juncture (emotionally not physically) and began to have 2nd thoughts about donating blood. Maria, the nurse apologized (not that I think it was her fault!). She bandaged my left arm and then commenced on the right. All went well. So I have a nasty bruise on the left arm.

I was going to connect with my Brother today but with the roads getting snow covered we decided to call off meeting.

I'm going to let the snow accumulate for a while and then plow before dinner.

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