Wells Fargo Economists: 2008 forecast

Wells Fargo Economists: Economy Continues to Slow, Recession Unlikely in '08


"Healthy export growth and continued business spending will help the economy steer clear of an outright recession, but I believe that won't be significant enough to prevent an economic slowdown in 2008," said Dr. Scott Anderson, senior economist for Wells Fargo & Company. "Rapidly cooling earnings growth and rising economic uncertainty will make U.S. companies reluctant to undertake ambitious expansion plans in 2008."

Jim Peet's Forecast for 2008

Comment: I'm not much about forecasting (so this is probably near worthless) but I thought I would take my own stab at forecasting and then check back a year from now and see how badly I did:

Sports: Green Bay and New England in the Super Bowl ... Green Bay wins! (If I really had any "faith" I would say the Vikes and New England ... but I am a realist!

Politics: Hillary vs. McCain. McCain wins the Presidency! (Frankly I don't really have a clue ... but I am putting my stake in the ground and will wait to see what happens)


Stock 12/20/07 Forecast 12/20/08
Dow 13,180 14,200
NASDAQ 2,617 2,800
S&P 500 1,451 1,525
WFC 30 36
MMM 84 97

Gasoline: Today in Plymouth = $ 2.799 ... in a year = $ 3.290 Plymouth gasoline prices

Fourth Baptist Church: Our Senior Pastor will be installed on March 2nd, 2008 (please know I have no inside track! Don't take this as anything other than a guess!)

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