Chattanooga: My failed attempt at seminary school

After leaving Campus Crusade for Christ, I worked at Monsanto Chemical company in Addyston OH for a bit (I think a month) and then worked as a summer ministry intern at my Church (Westwood Baptist in Cheviot OH). That Fall I went to Tennessee Temple Seminary and bombed out by Thanksgiving. I had neither the maturity, the discipline or the money. I lived on South Holly Street near the campus. I lived on the right side and parked behind the house off 12th street: (1188 S Holly St, Chattanooga, TN). It was a duplex at the time and the rent was $ 66 per month. I worked full time for the Chattanooga public schools in adult education (think GED!). After the first of the year (1973) I earnestly began looking for a better paying job

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  1. The places you lived is a bit humerus to me. At least 3 of the places we have facilities at. And this one, I was just there a few weeks ago. Not that anything is all that far away from anything in that town, but I ate at a restaurant near there, 212 Market Street.(both the address and name) Extremely good food, but definitely expect to pay a bit. But it was worth it after what I had been eating all week.


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