Credit Cards Get the Ax -- and Blender


When Fred Wilharm decided to ditch his credit cards, he reached for the chainsaw.

The real-estate investor from Franklin, Tenn., sliced, drilled and shredded his credit cards in his YouTube video "The Tennessee Credit Card Massacre." Mr. Wilharm says he had just paid off $3,000 in credit-card debt after the card issuers jacked up his interest rates, and that making the video helped him deal with his anger.

His only regret about the video: "Explosives would have been nice."

Comment: Haven't been able to view the video: The Tennessee Credit Card Massacre. My own view: Have a credit card and use it as much as possible to earn rewards, but pay it off every month. (I've become a little obsessed with being debt free, but I pay off my CC every Friday!)


  1. You want explosives? We got explosives! Here are our favorite plasectomy videos, complete with mini-mushroom cloud: http://www.outofdebtchristian.com/credit-cards-and-debt/ready-for-your-plasectomy/

  2. Every Friday? That is a little overkill isn't it? I pay mine off once a month. We use it for just about everything, and those things we cannot are like two items, but I really wish I could because one of them is our rent. And since we get cash back, that would definately put a few dollars back in our pocket. Cashback rewards is definitely worth it; last month we earned 80$. So basically, every few months I get a check for a couple hundred dollars. Not bad!

  3. Hey Dan .... yes it is a little overkill, I admit it!


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