PogoPlug setup (Wow!)

I received my PogoPlug Thursday and today was setup day.

We had other activities that were higher priority (*) so I didn't begin until about 4 pm.

It literally took me more time to get the 500 Gig Iomega drive and the PogoPlug out of the shipping boxes than the set up.

Half a Terabyte does seem like much any more but I remember Norwest Colorado running all of our banks on 220 Gig! And I remember IBM System 3's with 15 MB drives. So yes 500 gig is a lot.

It's pretty impressive to have a secure, shareable 500 Gig available. How it works (for techies!): How Pogoplug Works


So I reached out to Pogoplug maker Cloud Engines’ chief technology officer, Brad Dietrich, who in the past has worked in digital device startups such as Mediabolic (which has since been bought by Macrovision). He shared some insights with me via email as the innards of this device, which is a computer in its own right.

Om: Are you using an embedded Linux on this device?

Brad Dietrich: Yes, we are running a Linux kernel on a Marvell ARM SOC. My team and myself have been working in the embedded Linux world for well over 10 years now (my background was at Mediabolic and the digital home) and we are very good at stripping things down to a bare minimum.


We had an fire alarm problem at 3:30 in the morning. All of our alarms - Firex G6 (original to the house) went off at 3:30. After less than 30 seconds they reset. 20 minutes later the same. It took us another hour to get back to sleep. Today Kathee was up on a ladder (10' ceilings) looking them over. No known problem. 1st time this has happened in 13 years.

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