"That Poster"

Fawcett 'last of the iconic pinup girls'


he shot of 14-year-old Curtis D. Tucker shows him unrolling one of his birthday treasures in 1976, mouth slightly agape and eyes intensely focused on the gift.

The present was one he had fervently requested from his parents and a hot item for many a young, red-blooded male during that bicentennial year: a poster of Farrah Fawcett (then known as Farrah Fawcett-Majors).

"I was a huge Farrah fan," said Tucker, now a cartoonist and entrepreneur living in Enid, Oklahoma. "I had started collecting all of the magazines and pictures and I was basically pinning up every picture that came out of every magazine. Then along came that poster."

"That poster" reportedly became the best-selling of all time -- with more than 12 million copies sold -- and helped make Fawcett one of the last great pinups.

Comment: When I worked at Digital Equipment Corporation back in 76-78, one of the field engineers had this poster up in his cubical. Different times back then! Today no company (unless it is an auto parts wholesaler) would permit posters like this to be displayed.

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  1. Should had added: What were those parents thinking?! To give this poster to a 14 year old.


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