A "ding-bat doormat" who married a "Crockefeller"

Ex 'Mrs. Rockefeller': 'I had a pretty big blind spot'


She brought home $1 million a year as a high-powered financial executive, yet she told a jury she woke up hungry in a cold house because her husband controlled everything.

She said it took years to leave the man who told her he was a member of the moneyed Rockefeller clan because she didn't know the online passwords to their bank accounts.

Being the breadwinner offered her no status in her marriage, Sandra Lynn Boss, 42, testified Tuesday at her former husband's kidnapping trial.

"You mistakenly confuse money and power. Money and power are not the same thing in a relationship," she explained under cross-examination by her former husband's defense attorney, Jeffrey Denner, who at times seemed stunned by her answers.

Comment: Title is a little harsh ... came from the article.


  1. And we are supposed to think she is smart for what reasons? Just because she is a middle manager of some sort in corporate America doesn't mean she has a triple digit IQ. Sorry, but someone who falls for something this obvious deserves what she gets. Too bad for the children who are effected by these situations. The loser con artist dude should be hung out to dry.

    And for the record: there are also women who try to pull off crap like this as well, so I hope this dopey story doesn't get spun into some sort of 'Lifetime Movie of the Week' story where only the men are capable of evil and women are the only victims.

    Really though, as a nation we are turning into a big pile of whiners and crybabies. If anyone reading this is in a situation even remotely like the one headlining this story, get out kick him/her to the curb, and for the sake of our collective sanity, please grow a pair, will ya? And STOP WHINING YOU CRYBABIES!!!!

  2. Doesn't make sense about the money part. I am assuming with that type of income you have direct deposit. All that takes to change that is a rather simple form. And to get the money from the bank is nothing more than going in person and showing your ID. (of course as long as you are on the account)

  3. I think she should have thought something was up when he was getting all frustrated about the Asian economic crisis. A true Rockefeller would have known how to be on the winning side of a down economy and would have known how to come out ahead. Real Rockefellers are known for being economically smart and how to turn a losing situation into a winner.


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