DJIA: GM, C OUT .... Cisco and Travelers IN

Dow kicks out GM and Citigroup


According to a statement released Monday, General Motors, which filed for bankruptcy on Monday, will be replaced by Cisco Systems (CSCO, Fortune 500); Citigroup (C, Fortune 500) will be replaced by The Travelers Companies (TRV, Fortune 500).

The changes in the Dow will go into effect on on June 8, according to Dow Jones.

Comment: They were dead weight to the DOW!

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  1. Hello, JP! Long time no see!

    Hey, where's that one other guy besides me who actually writes on your very cool web site? A few months ago he and I talked on your site about whether GM would go bankrupt and if they would turn into a penny stock some day or not. Well under a buck today!! These are weird days we live in.


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