Mac Hammond and the Properity Gospel

The Kingdom and Power of Mac Hammond


The leader of a Brooklyn Park megachurch sees no conflict among his faith, wealth and politics. Others believe he crosses lines that should be more sharply drawn

The Hammond File

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, he owns:

  1. two Destin, Fla., condos are worth more than $3 million.
  2. A home with a pool in Plymouth that he pays no taxes on
  3. A Lexus and a Porsche
  4. three boats.
  5. An airplane
  6. A home near Brainerd valued at more than $500,000
  7. A Christian night club in downtown Minneapolis

My comments:

  1. This story interests me for two reasons: We have friends who are activity involved (the wife works at this ministry) in this church & this is in my own "backyard". Hammond lives in my city - Plymouth - although I'm sure I don't live in his "neighborhood".
  2. I don't know that he has violated any laws - he probably has not - but I'm not comfortable with pastors who amass great wealth at the expense of their flock

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