Why I hate Microsoft

Security software makers say they've been 'hamstrung' by Microsoft

  1. I have suffered through a variety of bad Windows operating systems

    1. Windows 1.1
    2. Windows 3.0
    3. Windows 3.1
    4. Windows 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups)
    5. Windows 95 (can you say "daily reboot!")

  2. I have seen Microsoft edge out other vendors: Netscape (when Microsoft kept "giving away" Internet Explorer, Disk defragmentation products, Word Perfect, Real Player, etc
  3. Incorporation of Explorer into the operating system (Please .. does anyone really believe that I.E. should be part of the operating system
  4. Security holes, weekly patches, service pack upon service pack
  5. Bloated requirements. Like 2 GB of real memory required for Vista (the little secret no one is telling you about. Like all the folk who have bought PCs and have tried to run XP on 256 MB. How can an operating system need 2 GB to perform with mulitiple applications?!!!! I used to sell MAINFRAMES with 128 MB!
  6. Licensing. If you have two Windows PCs .. must buy two licenses.
  7. Requirement for add-on software to protect the operating system (Nortons Antivirus ... Spyware cleaners, etc). I've had a LINUX PC running connected via broadband to the Internet non-stop for 18 months ... with NO antivirus software. And it still has not caught a virus.
  8. Bloatware (sofware with "eye candy" but no more real additional functionality). Can you say "Office 2007"

I'm stuck with Microsoft at work and I'm cool with that. My company replaces my PC every 2-3 years, buys the memory, patches the operating system, etc.

But I doubt I every buy a Microsoft PC again.


  1. Windows NT was a great operating system
  2. Windows XP is a great operating system
  3. Plug and play with USB is easy with Windows XP. USB support on Linux is problematic
  4. Laptop Linux support is weak (video support)
  5. Printer support on Linux is weak (I don't have a printer on my Linux PC)
  6. Software installs are EZ with Windows ... complex with Linux

If all goes well I intend to buy an Apple laptop in a year!

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  1. I have thought about changing to Apple myself. Some have said that even though Apple has the capabilities of running Windows programs with Bootcamp, that they run considerably slower... any truth to that statement??


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