Kathee and I read Philemon and Hebrews 1 tonight.

Philemon is an interesting little epistle of doctrinal insignificance. Nevertheless I love its grace.

For example vss. 8 & 9: "Therefore, though I might be very bold in Christ to command you what is fitting, yet for love’s sake I rather appeal to you—being such a one as Paul, the aged, and now also a prisoner of Jesus Christ"

I see in this a certain style that I think befits leaders:

  1. I could command you ... but I will not
  2. Rather, I appeal to you
  3. Based upon my authority, age, and circumstance

I see herein lessons for anyone in authority: a Father, a Pastor, a Manager, a Husband.

Something else (there are really many things interesting about this epistle) - the "house church" concept in vs. 2: "to the church in your house".

My deceased Aunt Eleanor had a church in their home at one time in Alto Michigan. I don't know much about the circumstance of this, but Eleanor and Uncle Jim's home had a large entry way (that they used an office) adjacent to a large dining room. I estimate that this room is (the house still stands, but I have not been in it for several years) 12' by 20'. Off the entry way and separtated by a dark paneled wide door was the living room - estimated size of 14' x 16'. This "L" shaped area (with the panel door opened) at one time served as a location for a Methodist church!

A friend of mine, D.A. Waite and his wife Vonnie, have a church their home.

Here's the link: The Bible For Today Baptist Church.

I'm not advocating a "church in one's house" but in certain circumstances it is a great option!

  1. A guy at work has a 100 oz insulated mug. Looks like this but it is Mountain Dew

    I ran into him in the break area today. He was filling up with water and ice.
  2. Jeff M. the sod guy, blew out and turned off our sprinkler today ... a sure sign that Winter is around the corner.
  3. Friday 4Turf is scheduled to put the snow plow on my tractor. Another sign of Winter!

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