Return from Vacation

We were gone from Thursday 10/11 until today. We drove from Plymouth Minnesota to Helen Georgia to Tunica Mississippi.


  1. Nephew's wedding in Helen Georgia (2 days)
  2. 5 nights in Tunica Mississippi
  3. Visited New Madrid, Missouri, site of massive earthquake in 1811
  4. Visited Vicksburg National Military Park
  5. Saw the USS Cairo
  6. Visited the Tunica River Park
  7. Dinned twice at the famous Blue and White
  8. We took a ferry across the Mississippi
  9. Visited Graceland
  10. Visit the site of the Martin Luther King assassination
  11. Visited Cairo Illinois and the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Ohio River
  12. Mishap: I slide the car off the road into Mississippi mud in Farrell, MS ... had to be towed out

I read two books

  1. F.F. Bruce, The Canon of Scripture
  2. F.F. Bruce The New Testament Documents - Are they Reliable?

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