Morale at work

I found this quote on the Internet:

A pithy slogan seen on plastic signs hung
in offices and workplaces throughout the
United States. It is supposed to be a
whimsical perspective on people hating
where they work, and the idea that
management is incompetent and uncaring.

It has the wonderful side effect that it
completely trivializes things like slave
labor, prison labor, child labor, and
other such real mistreatment of workers.
In fact, if I was a paranoid socialist,
I would suggest that American businessmen
tolerate such workplace whimsy because
it diverts attention from the real horrors
of the corrupt capitalistic system. In a
way, such toothless rebellion is a
religion--Marx's opiate of the masses

For me ... it is just "funny". I ordered three today: my wife (a Technology Manager), my boss (Technology Manager), and me (Release Manager). I think it will look good in my office.

Kathee working until 7 tonight. I am leaving @ 4:45 to visit Jeff S at North Memorial Hospital.

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