Political Predictions

I don't have a crystal ball so I may be all wet, but here are my short and long term political predictions:


Governor: Tim Pawlenty (incumbent Republican) over Mike Hatch (D) for Gubernatorial race. Polls are very tight right now so it could go either way.

Senate: I predict that Mark Kennedy (R) loses to Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar is way ahead of Kennedy in recent polls.

US House and Senate: I hope that this is more than a dream but I see the Republicans retaining both the House and Senate by narrow margins. I think the Foley scandal and other bad press will blow over and the Republicans will win. Why:

  1. The economy is strong
  2. Gas prices are low
  3. The North Korean nuclear test brings home the genuine threats to our country and the Republican are stronger on national defense.

Out on a limb for the 2008 Presidential race:

Senator John McCain and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty vs. Senator Hillary Clinton and New Mexican Governor Bill Richardson

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