Pre 2.20780.1%

Kathee and I are ready for our Fall trip to Helen, Georgia and N.W. Mississippi. We are ready for it. We will be leaving early Thursday and returning late Sunday 10/22. Roger will be at the house caring for all details there.

I have distributions to 17,000 workstations scheduled for 10/17-29. I hope to be at 85% by the end of the month. No distributions are taking place this week (starting today) as the week beginning on the 2nd Tuesday is Microsoft patch week.

Today I had coffee with my first manager at Wells Fargo (then Norwest), Jeff Williams. Jeff was my manager in Greenwood Colorado. It was a great job (that I loved) but the pay was low. I was an Operations Controller 2: MVS DASD management, Code Migration, Problem and Change Management. Jeff is just about 61 and can retire anytime but he still loves his job. He moved to Minneapolis 9 years ago, 1 year after I did.

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