Better at work

My boss was back today and we met twice. The system issues from last week were really not my problem although my changes aggravated the bandwidth issue.

  1. My distributions to the remaining 20,000 workstations has been restarted. Had been halted on 10/18 (so we lost a week!)
  2. As of today I'm at 35,710 workstations with the current release
  3. WIFI distribution is progressing by 1000 per day.
  4. Looks like we will be proceeding at a slower pace and the distributions may take as long as mid-December to complete
  5. I have 37 UAT users on the new release. I need feedback from them by noon on Friday
  6. I learned from the boss that they wanted to hire two for my position but only got funding for one. And that maybe mid 2007 I may have an assistant.
  7. Apps Engineering has I.E. 7 packaged and ready for testing. Can't wait to see it!

Traffic horrendous leaving downtown. Took us 20 min to get from the garage to onto the freeway. Once on the freeway we got home in 20 min.

Kathee making pasta for dinner.

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