I signed up for 5 years of Fastmail today. I have a Gmail account that I use for all of my commerce (Amazon, banking, etc) and I have a Bluebottle account for personal email. Here's a review of Fastmail

One thing great about Bluebottle is the concept of a white list. No mail gets through unless the email address is specifically authorized. But the Bluebottle web interface is not that slick. I think (haven't worked the details out yet) is that I will use the Bluebottle white list function for all incoming mail, and use the Bluebottle SMTP for outgoing from my Linux server, but Fastmail for all outgoing web-sourced email. Fastmail has an "alias" function so that mail sourced from their web interface looks as if it is sourced from another email account - eg. my Bluebottle email account.

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