Minneapolis: The Plymouth riots: 40 years later

A riot on Plymouth Avenue in Minneapolis 40 years ago changed one neighborhood and shaped a new one.

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Comment: We drive across Plymouth Avenue on the way home from work. There are still (I'm amazed!) empty lots along this section where the riots occured! 40 years later! Be sure to view the graphic associated with the Star Tribune article!

1967 was the Summer of race riots. Cincinnati (where I lived then) had them. So did Minneapolis! Detroit's 12th Street riot was the granddaddy of them all! What was accomplished: death, destruction, distrust! Nothing else!


  1. There is very little accurate information to be be found about the Northside Minneapolis riots that occurred in the 1960's. this is very frustrating as I have searched the web for more than two sentences about that historical account of this city.

  2. Jamol Henderson MossJuly 9, 2015 at 1:56:00 PM CDT

    I understand the frustration although I was born in1971 I am from the Lowes or low end as it is referred to by our youth north side Minneapolis so from. An early age I understood the conditions that caused family and friends to take a stand you can never erase history such as this, to do so would be a smack in the face to my community civil rights were violated and our neighborhood was preyed upon by the very ones who took an oath to protect. And serve hence the term no justice no peace this continues today so as far as the Plymouth ave rioters we will never forget your sacrifice struggle or that spirit that was witnessed during the mike brown murder case in st Louis 2015 and I still say hoodies hands up I CANT BREATHE!!!!!!!


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