David McGuire on Norm Coleman

Coleman won't support troop pullback

Fellow blogger, Dave McGuire, of Pillsbury quoted:

David McGuire of Owatonna says he will vote for Coleman no matter what. McGuire, a Republican, says he wants Coleman to follow the instructions of military commanders in Iraq, not Democrats in the Senate.

"We need to see what Gen. Petreaus has to say because he is the commander on the ground, not the senators in their Senate offices in Washington. They're totally clueless. They have an agenda. They want to hurt the president," McGuire said.


  1. We received news that a dear relative of mine has very serious cancer. He is a young (61) man whom I have known for 42 years! My heart aches tonight.
  2. Roger has USMC reserves this weekend. We won't see him until Sunday night. Kathee will have a big meal for him (her tradition) when he returns.
  3. Tonight's reading 1 Kings 5 & 6

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