The Christ-numerator churches and the dangers thereof

How Long Will Your Church Survive Under a Clinton Presidency?


Just how long will it take for the church that you currently attend to either knuckle under to the new way of conducting “church business” or face punishment in Hillary’s America?

That all depends on the type of church you now attend. The way I see it, there are presently two types of Christian churches in our country: a church where Jesus Christ is in the denominator or one where Christ is in the numerator.

As in mathematics, the denominator and the numerator have two very different meanings. The denominator affects every number above the line. For purposes of this demonstration, the numerator can be a lot of different numbers, but the denominator is a constant.

However, if that denominator changes, all the different numbers above the line in the numerator are affected. A Christ-denominator church preaches that Jesus is Lord and what He says through Holy Scripture dictates how you and the church conducts itself privately and in public. Your personal feelings are trumped by Bible doctrines. Cultural fashions may change but what’s written in the Bible doesn’t.

A Christ-denominator church preaches biblical principles in season and out of season – it does not matter which way the cultural wind is blowing.

A Christ-numerator church may also preach that Jesus is Lord. But what’s going on in the world is given full consideration as to how the message of the Bible is delivered. In other words, “the world” is in the denominator.

A Christ-numerator church will talk about “social justice” and “saving the planet from man-made climate change,” for example. In a Christ-denominator church, everything in a person’s life is affected by following Christ: how he thinks, who he dates or marries, what job he will take, and on and on. All these things are part of that person’s numerator, since following Jesus is in his denominator.

However, in a Christ-numerator church, making the world a better place is in the denominator. That means, faith in Christ (even personal salvation) is just one of a number of other important things that are in the numerator. All things that a person believes are affected by the foundational question: “How can I make the world a better place?”

To people on the outside of the Christian religion altogether, members of a Christ-denominator church might appear narrow-minded, exclusive, self-righteous, and uncaring about the world and its problems. That certainly can be a pitfall of a Christ-denominator believer.

However, since Christ came to “set the captives free” and “make all things new again,” Christ-denominator believers follow His lead. They don’t make things up because “it feels right” or to “go along to get along.” Under a Clinton presidency, as under the Obama administration, believers in Christ-denominator churches will continue to be pressured and punished – with an acceleration and intensity not yet experienced.

By the end of Hillary’s first four years, Christ-denominators may very well be completely marginalized and “silenced.” And what about the Christ-numerator churches? Right now, they’re playing Hillary and Obama’s game.

In fact, if it wasn’t for these kind of churches, Obama would never have been elected. Christians, whether Protestant or Catholic, make a formidable, even overwhelming, voting bloc. And Christ-numerators are about to hand Clinton the presidency, as they did Obama in 2008 and 2012.

But, the tide will eventually turn against Christ-numerators -- it has to. The state will not tolerate dissenters; the Christ-numerator churches will become dissenters by default simply because Christ has at least a fraction of influence. In eight years, when Hillary’s second term grinds to an end, Christ-numerators will either join the already vilified Christ-denominators in retreat, or drop out of the ranks of church membership altogether.

Comment: Be a Christ-as-Denominator Christian!

Updated with the image below: Taxes (or more specifically the tax-advantaged privileges that churches enjoy) will separate the wheat from the chaff.


  1. I really wouldn't be concerned about this fear porn that these people put out. Where do these people get this stuff about how "bad" it will be under Hillary? I really don't care if Hillary wins or if Johnson wins, but we all know it won't be Johnson. My partner and I are voting for Johnson and Hillary. More than the vote between those two, the biggest concern Christians should have is that we don't vote for Trump. These anti-woman views are much more dangerous than these silly, fear-mongering articles and concerns in your blog.

  2. Call me disappointed that this blog has sunk to new lows by promoting this anti-Hillary, anti-woman junk. I was so enjoying this site with all of its relevant warnings about Trump. I am disappointed and surprised that with this post the site has now joined forces in the anti-Hillary campaign.

  3. You can't win them all. By linking to this article you have just scored a loss. If you were a basketball player, this article would be an air ball. The comments about Rosie O'Donnell being a "fat slob" are much more important than this weird, fear porn you are linking to. Let's just hope that Christians don't buy into this junk and actually vote for Trump! That would be awful! I hope the authors of this article make a retraction on this article once they see how dangerous it is and how it may influence some people to view these as serious issues and overlook the anti-woman stand of the current Republican party and their candidate.

  4. I found your site from a link to a link to an anti-Trump site. I appreciate your anti-Trump articles. My hope is that this was a mistake on your part and you inadvertently put up this article by mistake, you put it up for humor, etc. I just hope you don't take this kind of article seriously.

    Trump is insulting to women and so is the Republican party in general with their radical pro-life stance. I'm not a fan of abortion, but like all progressive women, I don't think it should be outlawed by any means. It should be something that is performed as as end result, not on a whim.
    Even if my partner don't agree with everything on this site, we do agree with people who are against the radical pro-life crowd, which Trump is.

  5. JP, you would put the concerns about global warming as a secondary issue? Are you serious?

    A Christ-numerator church will talk about “social justice” and “saving the planet from man-made climate change,” "


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