Rockwell's "Which One? (Undecided; Man in Voting Booth)" to be auctioned

Sotheby's to auction Rockwell painting on 1944 election


A painting by Norman Rockwell that depicts the undecided voter sentiment during the 1944 presidential election - much like the 2016 race - will be the highlight of an auction of American art in New York. "Which One? (Undecided; Man in Voting Booth)" shows a man standing in a voting booth clutching a newspaper while pondering the choice between Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Republican Thomas E. Dewey. The painting comes from the estate of horse racing executive Ogden Mills Phipps, who acquired it in 1985. Sotheby's will offer it on Nov. 21 with a pre-sale estimate of $4 million to $6 million.
Comment:  We have at least two framed Rockwell prints in  the house: Four Freedoms and Marriage License.  The museum is worth a visit. Relative to the election less  than a fortnight out, see Undecided Voters Face Grim Choice as Divisive Presidency Looms. Little did voters know, their choice for Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought Harry S. Truman to the Presidency.

Last photograph of Roosevelt, taken the day before his death (April 11, 1945)

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  1. The article you linked to was misnamed. It referred to the election as a "grim choice." That must have been a typo. It's actually a wonderful, exciting choice and not grim at all. Americans have the opportunity to vote in one of the best candidates to run in years and this is an exciting choice, not grim.


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