Political Endorsements: Not Hillary or Trump! Republicans Down Ballot

For President

Either Evan McMullin (Independent)  or Gary Johnson (Libertarian)

United States House of Representatives

Erik Paulson (Republican)

Sarah Anderson (Republican)

Paul Anderson (Republican)

  • Kathee and I split the ticket for President
  • 8 months ago I took the vow not to vote for Donald Trump. He's a dirty, vile, unstable man and a lousy businessman. His values and positions are not mine. 
  • The best hope for the Republicans is that neither Clinton nor Trump receive the requisite 270 electoral votes and that the Republican House makes the choice. This is not likely.
  • Erik Paulson is a proven conservative leader for Congress and is the incumbent
  • Sarah Anderson, likewise, is a proven incumbent. The only one I know personally - she is delightful!
  • Paul Anderson is the Republican running for the open Minnesota Senate district 44 - vacated by DFL Terri Bonoff who is running against Erik Paulson.

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