My FANG Missed Opportunity

Netflix' Earnings Show Its Giant Original Content Bet Is Paying Off in a Big Way


In its third-quarter report, Netflix disclosed its streaming subscriber base grew by 3.57 million sequentially to 86.7 million (83.28 million paid, the rest on free trials), easily topping guidance for 2.3 million net subscriber adds. In addition, Netflix guided for 5.2 million net adds in the fourth quarter -- 1.45 million in the U.S., 3.75 million elsewhere. It's all quite the change of pace from July, when Netflix plunged due to disappointing second-quarter subscriber adds and third-quarter guidance.
Comment: Perhaps readers will remember I was going to invest $ 2,210 back on February 24th. Well I did not; See also Netflix surges after hours



See Jim Cramer renames FANG as FAAA: Your key to long-term growth

Move over FANG, Jim Cramer has officially crowned FAAA as the new acronym for red-hot growth plays in the market. Cramer created the acronym FANG for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, now under the parent name of Alphabet. The new abbreviation of FAAA represents Facebook, Alibaba, Alphabet and Amazon. "We have to talk about how these FAAA stocks got their groove back in order to figure out what it means for them going forward as we head into the fourth quarter," the "Mad Money" host said. On Tuesday, JPMorgan raised its 2017 year-end price targets for FANG stocks, noting that investors have returned to the group in search of growth. While many investors may question why they should care about 2017 year-end targets when it's not even the end of 2016 yet, Cramer clarified why it's important for those seeking growth. "Real growth investors don't particularly care about this year's numbers because classic high-growth stocks always look expensive on the near-term estimates. But if things go right, they will turn out to be very cheap once we get to the out-years," Cramer said.

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  1. Don't worry, Jim. When the market crashes in the future you can buy all of those and many other stocks for deeply, deeply discounted prices. Mergers and acquisitions are a large reason for any growth lately and not so much organic growth. It can't be propped up indefinitely and will crash.


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