Could McMullin win Utah?

Comment: probably little chance of impacting overall Presidential campaign but interesting


  1. It's too bad that this CIA plant was put in place to take away votes from Trump. I would tend to think that any Mormon who does about 3 minutes of research into the election process will see through this charade.

    1. Read that comment again and think it through, Anon.

      I wouldn't be totally surprised if there was a conspiracy going on here, but quite frankly, I'd expect the guy with four bankruptcies, three wives, and two political parties to be at the center of it, not Evan McMullin, if you catch my drift.

    2. Mr. Bubba, good to see you again. Sometimes it gets lonely here because it's just Jim and I who ever make comments, with you checking in once in awhile.

      Sure, there are people who think Trump is just a plant and a fraud. I choose to not believe that and to take him at his word that his is a totally legitimate candidate and not some CIA plant. And being a conservative and an American who likes America and is not keen in rushing into world Socialism as fast as we can, I wholeheartedly support Trump. He is not only my vote for the "lesser of two evils," he is a candidate that I support excitedly. I am a conservative and therefore do not have any problems with a conservative agenda. I respectfully think you and JP are extremely naive when you think that supporting things such as the TPP is somehow a normal trade agreement and not a tool used to destroy America economically.

      The whole "anti-woman" claptrap is obviously meaningless propaganda designed to sway voters from talking about real and serious issues.

  2. JP, do you also go by "Bruce"? There's another site with a picture of guy that looks like your picture.

  3. Mr. Bubba, the only conspiracy theory I see involving Trump is one that he has not control over. When he wins and is president, the central bankers of the world who control the economy may just decide to pull the plug and let it collapse even sooner than it would have otherwise. They will blame this on Trump, of course, even though he did not cause it and did not have the power to stop it.


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