The GOP Train wreck: How it happened. Picking up the pieces

It goes without saying that Trump is a disaster for the GOP. I voted today by absentee ballot and while I voted for the GOP down ballot, I voted 3rd party for President. Mike Pence is a solid guy but he is yoked with a vile, unstable man who hardly qualifies for the Presidency. We can kiss 2016 goodbye! Hillary will be the next President. The question is:

How did this happen:

  • The primary debates were an insipid, vapid waste of time! The format were a circus side show devoid of substance
  • Trump should have been shut out of the GOP debates. He really isn't even a Republican
  • There were too many candidates. And most of them were alike - except for Trump who stood out

Where does the GOP go from here (the context is the Presidential race):

  • The GOP itself should run at least half the debates. Webcasting could be used.
  • The GOP should limit debate participants to the following:
    • Candidates should have been registered Republicans for at least 10 years
    • Candidates should have a demonstrated record of voting Republican for at least 10 years
    • Candidates should have a record of public service - one or more of the following: 
      • Leadership in the military as an officer (think Eisenhower or Powell)
      • Elected office as a Republican Governor - at least 1 full term
      • Elected office as a US Senator - at least 1 full term
      • Elected office as a US Representative - at least 2 full terms


  1. Somehow I think that all that will be no defense if the electorate, in particular Christians, don't get it through their heads that character matters. And if we get that through our heads, we've got what we need.

  2. We need a new way to vet presidential nominees:

    How did Americans end up in this dark place? What happened to the U.S. system for vetting presidential candidates?

    The answer is, we don't have a system for vetting presidential candidates.

    It used to be done by party bosses. They were supposed to take the candidates into a “smoke-filled room'' and ask, “Is there anything in your past that would keep you from getting elected?” But the American public took that power away from the party bosses decades ago, when nominations were turned over to primary voters.

    So who vets the candidates now? Answer: the press. The problem is that most voters don't trust the press.


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