GOP: It's "Everyman for himself"

Party leaders are grappling with how to lose the presidential election with dignity—and without Donald Trump taking them down with him.


With Senate Republicans panicking that Trump’s unpopularity could increase the odds of a Democratic sweep, Mitch McConnell is instructing vulnerable colleagues to steer clear of the flailing G.O.P. nominee, The Hill reports citing party sources. McConnell has kept a lower profile than his House counterpart, Speaker Paul Ryan, who recently announced that he would not longer “defend Trump” (though he did not un-endorse him). But the Senate majority leader is doing damage control of his own, reportedly telling Republicans who are up for re-election to do what is best for themselves. “We’re advising the same thing we have all along. Run your own race,” one G.O.P. aide told The Hill.

Fears that Trump could hurt Republican candidates down the ballot have also deepened in recent days with the release of several new polls that show the G.O.P. nominee headed for a landslide loss in November.
Comment: "Steer clear" ... "Run you own race". Political cartoon below was 8 years ago

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