Evan McMullin takes the lead in latest Utah presidential poll

Evan McMullin takes the lead in latest Utah presidential poll


Evan McMullin, the Provo-born independent, has seized his first lead in Utah's fluid presidential race. The Emerson College poll, released Wednesday, found McMullin with 31 percent, followed by Republican Donald Trump at 27 percent and Democrat Hillary Clinton at 24 percent. The last 20 polls conducted in Utah had Trump either ahead or in a tie. In this survey, McMullin's advantage is at the edge of the 3.9 percent margin of error. "We are very excited. We are humbled by the support," McMullin said about the poll moments after accepting the endorsements of some Republican state lawmakers. "We believe this momentum will spill over into neighboring states both in advance of the election and beyond. We are building a new conservative movement and we believe it begins here."
Comment: I will need to update my Electoral Vote Map

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  1. His site is looking better, but it still strikes me that he's going to have trouble making progress among non-Mormons. Maybe if there are a few more scandals out there that were totally predictable from what we already knew, things will change.

    It's hard not to be cynical these days.


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