Why the Women's Vote Matters

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  • Why Trump as a sexist, Neanderthal (metaphorically speaking) is so devastating to the GOP


  1. Election Update: Women Are Defeating Donald Trump:

    [There is] a massive gender split, with Clinton trailing Trump by 11 percentage points among men but leading him by 33 points among women.

  2. Jim, I like you, but I am saddened by your personal campaign against Trump. But on the other hand, I'm probably more conservative than you and therefore lean more towards Trump than any other candidate, seeing as he is the the only candidate close to conservative in the race. Carson was close, but he's no longer a factor. It is your site, so you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it, and I respect that.

    But, do you really buy into this media manipulation and mind control garbage about this whole "anti-woman" stuff? If you don't want to support Trump that's your choice, but I hope you pick real reasons other than this anti-woman propaganda.

  3. The point here is not that Drumpf is better or worse, but rather that perception matters.

    Regarding the facts of the matter, I'm with you--Bill's history, and Hilliary's toleration of it and pro-death activism, makes her far more anti-woman than even Drumpf. But that's not the perception, and given his writing in "The Art of the Deal", I don't think Drumpf can change that.

  4. Mr. Bubba, I totally agree with you. You could not be more accurate when you say that perception matters. But, what I'm saying is that people need to actually wake up! This is an all out character assassination on Trump and is nothing but media manipulation. So yes, you are correct that perception is reality for people. What I'm saying is that perception is NOT truth, even though it seems like it. I wish people would wake up and realize that this last month character assassination is so obviously a media manipulation that it's almost a joke. I wish the left would quit believing everything they see on CNBC and I wish the right would quit believing everything they see on FOX.

    I cannot make any comments on the book because I have not read it. I am simply referring to the all out assault on Trump that is currently coming from basically - everywhere.

  5. There are those who say that no man or woman can even come close to being president unless he or she is a total sell out. Essentially, that is probably correct. I have never in my life seen such an all out assault from EVERYONE (both the left and the right hate Trump), which makes me think he may just be the real thing and truly be the real deal. If he is just a fake and not for real, he has done an excellent job of getting the entire world (the UN, the pope, the left, the right, etc.) to play-act their parts!

  6. If you look at the "fornication" sections of "The Art of the Deal", you'll see that it's not the media that assassinated the character of Donald J. Drumpf. It is, rather, Mr. Drumpf himself.


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