R.I.P. Blue

Comment: Sad day. We had our cat Blue euthanized today. We've had Blue since April 2001. We think he was 5 or 6 when we received him. His owner joined the Army then. He was probably 18 years of age. At one time he was 18 lbs. When he was weighed today at the Vets he was 7 lbs 2 oz. He will be missed. The above pictures were taken this past week.


  1. Called ol' Mr. Blue a fine, fine friend. I love land mammals of all size
    and shape. Which of God's creation will we enjoy in the after-life?
    ( I suspect HORSES .. perhaps the great: CATS? ) Blue was a fellow who
    loved to connect with his human master. Never one to question. A constant companion. I have owned a fine protective canine.
    Always wished for a large and gentle horse I could ride. Grandpa had
    a horse that "knew" the way home when he was out late at night.
    The mechanical "age" offers the IRON beast that owns no soul.

  2. I got misty several times yesterday


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