Don't use TurboTax, Minnesota Department of Revenue warns taxpayers


Citing "multiple issues with the products", the Minnesota Department of Revenue issued a crisp statement today urging tax filers to avoid using Intuit products to prepare or file their state income taxes. The products include TurboTax, Lacerte, Intuit online and ProSeries.

The state warned it using the products could "jeopardize the accuracy of your return or delay your return."

In a conference call, the department said there were multiple issues with the software including assigning political contributions to the wrong party, failing to give an education credit for multiple dependents, incorrectly calculating property tax refunds, and a variety of other calculation errors.

Some of these issues surfaced just in the past several days, according to Terri Steenblock, assistant commission for the department.

"The Department of Revenue is not affiliated with Intuit and we find these errors unacceptable. We expect Intuit to correct these problems immediately. If they fail to do so, the department will stop processing returns filed using Intuit," the department said.

Steenblock said they are meeting with Intuit on a daily basis.

If you have not prepared or filed your return yet, the department suggests you use different software or prepare your taxes in another way.

If you have already used Intuit software to prepare your taxes, but haven't yet filed, wait to file until Intuit announces that problems are fixed.
Comment: Too late


  1. Interesting. I used TurboTax online last year, but will now probably go back to TaxAct Online, which I've used in the past as well.

  2. I'm surprised because Turbo Tax is considered a premier product. I've used them for 20+ years. Probably will next year unless there is more of this news about them

  3. Turbo Tax contacted me via email overnight. There "flub" impacted me negatively by $ 49.

    I commend Turbo Tax for proactively contacting me. A very helpful representative stepped me through the MN State amend process.

    The amended return has to be mailed in ... and then it may take 10 weeks for the refund. But by the time it arrives I will have almost forgotten about it and it will be like ... exciting .... $ 49!

    Also Turbo Tax has credited my CC for the entire purchase price of the Federal and State product. So kudos for them!

  4. H&R Block has issue too! With Federal level.

    H&R Block filing mistake delays 600,000 tax refunds

    About 6.6 million tax returns include Form 8863, although only about 10 percent are affected, according to MarketWatch. H&R Block prepared 22.2 million tax returns through April 18, 2012, according to the Kansas City Business Journal.


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