Am I in the market and if so how do I invest?

Answer: Yes
How do I invest?
  • Regularly ... dollar cost averaging
  • Weekly ... what I formerly was paying towards our mortgage
  • Diversified: By industry, by companies within industry, by country. I like these sectors: energy (eg. XOM), pharma (PFE), food (GIS), major diversified industrials (MMM), Technology (IBM), Soft drinks (KO),
  • Large cap
  • PE less than 20
  • Dividend yield greater than 2%
  • Payout ratio less than 50%
  • I also invest via ETFs: Examples: PEY, DLN, BND, PFF, and AGG
If an investor reads just one book, the book is The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel 

Currently we are buying Novartis. Here's a helpful "Fool" article on NVS: Will Novartis Help You Retire Rich?. I buy in multiples of 5 shares. Currently we have 25.

How Novartis meets my criteria:
  • Large cap of $ 166 billion
  • PE ratio of 17.72
  • Dividend yield of 2.4%
  • Payout ration of less than 50%
  • The analysts' estimates for 2014 are better than 2013 (see chart below)
  • I don't currently own it (except for the 25 shares)
  • I will buy up to 100 shares and stop .... and move on


  1. 5 Dow stocks I like: Five Stocks Handled the Heavy Lifting

    This is interesting: "While the metrics behind the Dow and S&P 500 are different, Mr. Farmer said there is a 98% correlation between the two indexes throughout their history, underscoring how they both tend to move in tandem despite how they're calculated."

  2. A Dow stock I do not like: Hewlett-Packard HPQ is the lone laggard; the stock has fallen 20% since March 2009.


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