Answering a Professor's question

Scuse my saying so . . . but don't you work in the secular field and have for years? What part have you played in the missions movement?
Actual email to me this week. Response:
  • The great commission weighs heavily on me and I daily pray for the lost and look for opportunities to witness
  • The secular verses sacred vocation. I really don't think about it that much. It takes worker bees like me who labor in some pretty mundane areas but support one's local church faithfully


  1. I remember in high school, we had a term for some of the chapel speakers/guest Bible class teachers we had at times. "He's the kind of guy who thinks we should all be on the mission field" was a phrase uttered more than a few times each school year.

  2. I was more than a little irritated. This idea that the clergy are "in the ministry" and those in the secular work force are "out of the ministry".

    But he is well-known (I've gathered) for having a prickly personality.

  3. Some of us are called into "work" on the Lord's Day. My wife the nurse
    provides health care to those in need on the holy-est of holidays.
    Those in who are in the non-secular world should be thankful that
    there is a medical professional or policeman on duty when they
    suddenly are stricken after that large Sunday meal. I am just as
    loved by the lord as my minister and I help pay his salary and keep the heat and lights on at our large church auditorium. God bless us all!


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